Monday, 28 September 2009

Did I post a before? Well here’s the after (ish)…

As you know I work at a college, and I’m very near the joinery department. Every year the first year students make this shelving unit as an exercise in making joints. Most of them are taken home, but this one ended up in the skip.
I dragged it out because who doesn’t have space for a cute set of shelves? It needed a bit of a touch up – just a little sanding and filling (skips are not the kindest places to store furniture) – before it was ready for a lick of paint.
And here is the after…
Just a basic lick of lovely satin paint and it was ready to go (actually, not so basic – I managed to drop the tin of oil based paint over the whole thing, the kitchen floor still bears the scars and whiffs of turps). I hung it with a couple of mirror plates and now I have somewhere pretty much the perfect size to hold the tea and coffee stuff, freeing up the surrounding shelves which store some of my thrifted treasures.
The reason I say ‘ish’ is because (as with everything) these shelves are still a work in progress, and might end up with barge-style painted flowers or something Scandinaviany. Not sure yet, so I put them up while I think about it. I also might ‘wallpaper’ the back with some colourful Cath Kidston style paper. What do you think?
By the way, don’t you just love old printing blocks?

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