Monday, 21 September 2009

Boot sale treasures: episode 2

A few more shiny things from Saturday’s car boot hunting at York racecourse.

These scales were £1 and they are going to be used in our new workshop. Someone has painted them cream, but underneath they are a lovely 50’s style blue. They’re bashed and beaten up, the enamel pan is a little rusty and chipped and the weights are in pounds when I need grams. Ho hum – they are pretty though!


This cast-iron bunny doorstop was from the same stall and was also £1. I don’t know if it’s old or new-looking-old but I like it! IMG_6983

I found this one on a US antiques website which recently sold for $795….. if only!


It’s the same story with this bread bin really. I’m pretty sure it’s a slightly bashed new bin - and there were some beautiful old ones but they were huge, extremely damaged and far too expensive. This one is small and perfectly formed, and only cost £3.


I don’t mind the chipped enamel (it matches my roasting dish!) and my home-made bread fits perfectly.


And finally some old bits and bobs we picked up for pennies. You’ll have seen I have a thing for old cards of thread so I couldn’t pass up Barbour’s Shamrock. The wooden pastry cutter will probably be used for clay work or along with the brass thimble will become part of our ongoing collection of Interesting Things (of which we have boxes and boxes) Not sure about the hooks, I just liked them!


I also bought an old knitting album (you know the kind with poly pockets you slip your own patterns into) chock full of knitting treasures. More about that when I’ve had time to properly go through it!


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