Saturday, 27 June 2009

A proper work in progress: Ideas anyone?

So, I made the bare bones of this skirt ages ago and never finished it (I have a sack full of unfinished things, really, a sack). I spent hours measuring, pleating and topstitching because I thought it would look really cute. But it didn’t. I looked like I had just robbed the Caribbean.
So I put it to one side, stuffed it in with the rest of my stash and didn’t look at it again. Until this week, when I was rummaging through my acres of fabric and I found it. I decided to try and salvage it by sewing big ruffled, ragged edged circles to it. I gathered and pinned and sewed and tried to make something of it but it didn’t look quite like it did in my head.
Do the ruffles need to be wider? Bigger circles maybe? More circles? No circles? Different colours? I like all the elements, but do they work combined? Hmmmm.
I’m at a loss, and I need your help. It still makes me look like a pirate, but I want to look cute :( It has become a mission, a goal – I must finish this skirt.
It. Will. Not. Beat. Me. (help!)


  1. I have to admit - I love it exactly as is. BUT - if you don't I would suggested dying it a dark color. That will even out the color (though some of the red might peek through).

  2. Hi there! I think maybe you should try some different colors, rather than more red and white. I am not sure what would work best, maybe browse anthropologies website for some ideas. I would stay away from black to avoid looking more like a pirate!...just white might look good for a nice summery look

  3. How about throwing some blue in there and making it more patriotic than pirate??
    Maybe a deep edge on the bottom in navy? or replace the ruffles with various shades of blues??

    I love the idea of the pleats hiding the red at the top!
    Just my cup of tea!!

    T xxx

  4. Hi. I like the summery feel it has in its current condition and would suggest wearing it out on a picnic or an outdoor cafe. I think it'll feel just right then, maybe with a white eyelet top... The only change I'm tempted enough to suggest (especially as I am not a seamstress at all) is some more contrasting buttons. I like those two perky red ones on the side and a few more scattered in the ruffled circles or offset on the opposite (bottom right) side of the skirt might be cute.