Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Etsy Wednesday: Rubypearl

layaway for politologa

IwantIwantIwant! These, my friends, are the work of Rubypearl and aren’t they super! They look effortless to make, but by god they aren’t. They are hand-pieced from crochet, embroidery, lace, knitting, vintage clothing, doilies – anything and everything fabric and they are perfect

monster mash dress2

The thing that makes them perfect is Sunny’s eye. She has this knack of picking just the right thing for the right spot, and she aint afraid of colour, or pattern, or probably spiders.

circus wildflower top

If you want to have a closer look, check out her shop,  if you’d like a window into her (incredibly funny) world, check out her blog :)

Go see!


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  1. Oh my... those are just gorgeous. I just found your blog - have seen it referenced a couple of times on Craftster and can't wait to read more!