Monday, 15 June 2009

My backyard

If there is one thing that is truly a work in progress, it's the green bits outside. I just had to share some piccies because yesterday it was so beautifully sunny (and today we had a thunder storm)

Although we have a garden at both the front and the back, we seem to spend the most time in the yard. It's pretty small, but over time we've crammed a lot in. You see that window on the left? That's my kitchen so it makes sense to spend a lot of time here because I do so much cooking and can't wander too far! That's Honeysuckle growing under the window and in the evening the smell wafts through the house.

Oh yes, that is a glitterball in the centre photo hanging above a washboard. Early evening, the sun shines directly into the yard and catches that glitterball, sending little reflections all over the place. Tis lovely :)

As you can see, we like planting up odd things. The top photo is a vintage blue enamelled kettle planted with pink daisies. I can hear you all screaming at the sacrilege of it, but I assure you it's well looked after and comes in for Winter (and it does look lovely). These two are an old wooden toilet cistern (removed from our outside loo when we installed our kiln) planted with herbs and a tiny Belfast sink (rescued from York College art department, where I work) planted with slow-growing ivy. By the way, I don't live at Skelton Hall, and I don't know any Richards.

This is a close-up of my potted banana plant, Son of Jeff. Jeff The Banana is in the back garden and produces about a million babies every year. Everyone I know has one as a result (want one?) This photo is the great outcome of something eating through the leaf when it was forming and tightly curled. It looks like I attacked it with a hole punch!

Anyway, so ends the tour of my backyard. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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  1. Those are lovely photos of your yard and the effect on the banana leaf is amazing! Love all the little personal touches here.