Friday, 18 May 2012

Crochet for cats!

I’ve decided to have an unhealthy obsession with making toys for my cat, Kitten. Unfortunately he has been diagnosed with FIV so will have to stay indoors. Fortunately he only goes out once a day anyway and is very healthy. I’ve read a lot about FIV over the last week and it turns out they can live a long and happy life but will be less stressed staying indoors if they have lots to occupy them.

While mice are great, I wanted something a bit different to the toys you can buy in the shops so I made a little crochet Totoro!


I used Lucy Ravenscar’s pattern on Ravelry (hers is much nicer than mine, but I don’t think Kitten minds). It’s amigurumi really, and 4 1/2” tall but a good size for Kitten who is huge.


I also added two catnip pouches, one in the back and one under the stomach patch. I’ve bought a sack of catnip just for him!


Crochet and knitting are great for cats toys, as long as you don’t mind them quickly becoming loopy and destroyed! Of course, this is the only time he’s played with it – maybe the staring eyes look like a challenge? I’ve ordered some catnip spray though because I’m not convinced it was very fresh, maybe he’ll play with it then!

Right, I’m off to trawl Ravelry for more potential cat toy patterns!


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