Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year lists…

I don’t know about you, but I need lists. I write a list every day and without them I wouldn’t get everything done. It’s like a written nag. Sometimes I cheat and add a few things I’ve already done, just to make myself feel better. Does that make me a bit odd? Probably. But if I don’t I find my free days slip away and not much gets done.

So what I need is a year list – a bit like a life plan but definitely not a set of resolutions. No-one ever keeps those. Ok so I need to add the obvious:

  • Get out the Wii fit and lose those 6 (or-so) pounds that have crept on over Christmas and/or eat less.
  • Tidy my ‘creative space’ (the inverted commas denote temporary dumping ground).
  • Sort out lots of things to send to charity.
  • Decorate a room or two.
  • Become a millionaire.

But what else?

How about becoming self-employed. Wow! That’s a bit scary, did I write that out loud? But really I should be finding a way to use my degree and ceramics training properly. It won’t help me become a millionaire (or even better off than I am now) and I could become a less angry person – I’m not a natural employee – but I’d probably just end up transferring the anger to the tax-man.

A few more problems with that idea: A) I would need more money, B) I would need more time and C) I would need less fear.

What I need are baby steps – maybe ‘procrastinate less’ should be on the list? Maybe I should add ‘be more pro-active’. Are they the same thing? Perhaps I could combine the two and ‘pro-actively procrastinate less’.

‘Spend a regular amount of time in the workshop each week’ should definitely be on there. Barbara Cartland said (I know, an unlikely source) that you should never wait for the muse to arrive, because it never will. You just have to work. She was probably right too.

Hum. It just all seems so big. A few years ago, before I did my degree even, I decided that I was going to make ceramics and sell it through craft galleries. That was the big life plan that never really transpired. It was never the right time, there was always something else that needed to be done first.

I should probably just get off my backside and do it.

In the meantime, the Mollie Makes blog recently had a feature on making a granny square a day – that means that by the end of the year you have loads you can sew together to make a huge blanket.

Sounds good! I might start with that. After I’ve written this list.


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