Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The baby blanket is finally finished!

At long last. I always underestimate how long these things are going to take. It was supposed to be finished by October, but the birth date came and went so I decided to make it for Christmas instead. At least it’s still Winter!

The worst was weaving in all the ends – look at this!


Anyway, on to the finished blanket.


It’s a bit less wonky in real life (although I think I might have added an extra stitch into that border somewhere), but I needed to take photos quickly! Mum wove in all those ends for me since I did all the crochet. She’s a godsend!

The final size was about a metre and a half by a metre, but I forgot to measure it before I wrapped it up.

I’m pretty pleased with it, and I hope Lindsey and David like it too!