Saturday, 21 January 2012

Needle felting–just stabbing wool with needles?

Well, if it’s me doing it the answer’s yes. I’ve seen youtube videos of people making lovely things but for now I’m just stabbing stuff.


You see, before Christmas mum did a bit of needlefelting. Or rather, she sneaked in on a workshop being held for students and pretended to be working whilst actually having a go herself – training and development people! Anyway, she enjoyed it and didn’t manage to finish the piece she was working on so I bought a load of needles and roving for her for Christmas. I also forced my little brother to use a sewing machine and make a needle case – look at this!


He chose the fabric, the fancy stitches, the felt, even the thread colour. He sewed it all himself and I was very impressed.

Today we finally found a few minutes for mum to show me how it’s done (ish).

Wanna see what I made?


Nope, I haven’t got a clue either. It’s a bakewell sushi, um, with a tail. I got a bit carried away adding bits of wool here and there and forgot to actually look at it. Still, it was fun!

And anyway, mum’s is weird too.


I think I need to do a bit more to get the hang of this, but I like it!



  1. Isn't needle felting fun? I've made a couple of hats and some slippers with needle felting. Working on a large project is a great way to take out aggression!

    I am VERY impressed with the needle case.

  2. I officially want to try this.
    Sure, I've been smitten by wool crafts, and inspired by some pretty amazing projects, but you
    have made it look like something I could actually achieve, in my own life time. I want to play!
    So. Thank you.