Monday, 30 November 2009

Yup, it’s a Christmas boy-hat

Aaargh! double pointed needles are the bane of my life. Or they would be if I didn’t avoid them at all costs!
This time it was pretty unavoidable though, because I decided to make a hat and scarf for my Uncle for Christmas.
I found some ‘masculine’ wool in a charity shop, a huge ball for £1.50 (so big, I think I’d have enough to make him a matching jumper too!)
It’s a little more chocolatey and less purple than it looks in the photos so I used a minty green as the contrast colour.
The pattern is the Wasatch Backcountry hat by Yarn and Snow on Ravelry (you’ll need to sign up for a free account to get the pattern, if you haven’t already). It’s an easy peasy pattern, but a little slow because of the 1x1 rib and the blasted dpns – having said that I worked on it Saturday evening and finished it Sunday evening.
Also, there were a few too many stitches to stay on my needles so they kept falling off the ends and I kept having to pick up stitches with a trusty crochet hook. In the end I snapped and grabbed a couple of large elastic bands to whip round the non-working sides…
…and voila! No more dropped stitches.
Here’s the finished hat (pre-blocking) I preferred it inside-out, just the scarf to make now – I’m glad I won’t need double pointed needles for that!

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  1. I have a couple "thank you's" for you... 1)for this hat idea, as I have a couple more men to find gifts for this xmas and this should do the trick! 2)for the knitted wristlet post, as I will be making those for my always freezing self, and 3)for directing me to Ravelry. So glad to have found you through Wardrobe Refashion!