Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My (ickle) creative space…


Yup, this is my cosy (bijou?) desk and it’s where I keep all my creative stuff – but not necessarily where I do all my creating. Sometimes things can get a little big – imagine trying to do quilting here? Everything I use a lot is on hand, but you see those curtains below the desk? That’s where I keep a lot of my Interesting Things. Stuff like old medical instruments, clock faces, keys, rusty metal, computer innards… you get the picture. There are also drawers full of art materials like paints and pastels, but they’re a bit boring.


My little cheapy sewing machine sits here all day. I’d love a huge, expensive, all singing, all dancing one but finances wont allow. And anyway, I only use two stitches and do the odd buttonhole or zip.


This is my daylight lamp – good light but it’s such an ugly, plastic grey thing I like to keep it covered with vintage tray cloths (god bless you Sally Army) The window looks down onto the chook’s run (if I crane my neck a little, I can watch them while I work)


I didn’t take too many pictures but the walls are covered in books. Hundreds of books, Amazon is my friend.


Remember these drawers? I decided I liked them just the way they were and have filled them with things that needed corralling. Like my collection of spare knitting needles and crochet hooks – many of them are vintage, and some of the hooks are made of bone.


Sewing thread – I was forever looking for that colour, you know, the one you know you have somewhere but can’t find that will match perfectly. Now I will, if I remember to put them back.


Fabric paints, needles, pins, elastic, the Precious Scissors (I buy so many pairs because mum keeps blunting them on paper, hair, ivy… now I can hide them)


I have lots of tiny drawers too, filled with handy things like press-studs and grommets.


And finally, my needle-roll I knitted ages ago. It is filled with every needle size I will ever need, while my circulars all hang from a hook to stop them getting tangled.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this tiny tour of some of my stuff. I’m working on a new tutorial which should be up in the next few days if I can get it finished – it’s been a long time since I made something new and tutorial worthy. Watch this space!



  1. What a great creative space you have. Only looking at it is inspiring :-) Love the walls filled with books!

  2. I think your creative spot is quite cozy. Love the red paned widow.

  3. I always find it inspiring to see other crafter's studios. I love the box with many drawers. I saw the neatest cool cabinet this last weekend full of lots of draws. Sadly it was too expensive and it was rotting at the bottom. But I can't help but regret not buying it too. :-)

  4. Can you believe I tidied for the photos?

    Karin - there are so many books in this room, I can hardly fit anything else! I have books on everything, literally, with big sections for sewing, crochet, knitting and ceramics. A constant source of inspiration :)

    Apron Thrift Girl - I'm always doing that, I saw a few things thrift shopping yesterday that I uhm'd and ah'd about before deciding not to buy, but now I wish I had :( I never find anything nearly as exciting as you do, though!