Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas knitting…

I’ve been knitting again, and this time it’s serious - Christmas present serious.
I hate that last minute thing when you end up making furiously a week before Christmas (even though you wrote a list and sorted your patterns a month earlier) so this year I’ve started early.
I knitted a pair of Creative Yarn’s Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers and although I love them (bear in mind they haven’t been blocked yet, the buttons haven’t been sewn on and I’d had my hands in iron oxide all day, which made my fingertips orange) It annoyed me that the eyelets went in the same direction – to the left - on both the gloves. Not a big thing probably, I must just enjoy symmetry too much!
So I modified the pattern to make the eyelets go to the right. Not a big modification, I just reversed the pattern and made a few little changes.
Because I had knitted both pairs at the same time the first time round, I knitted both the second time around, so now I have two pairs to give for Christmas! Yay!
It was a very quick pattern to knit and since I used some of the pink Rowan All Seasons Cotton I got free when I subscribed to Rowan magazine but never got round to using, all the materials are from stash. It was lovely yarn to work with and knits up nicely too!


  1. They are lovely. I wish I could knit but instead I'm chained to my sewing machine trying to get my handmade holiday list done. No matter how much I plan there is always that last minute rush. Good luck to you...