Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I found time for a refashion…

Since I already had my sewing machine out I thought I’d grab something off the Easy Refashion pile.



This jumper dress is from Zara kids and was originally intended for a 14 year old! Anyway, it’s 60 % wool and somewhere in its past someone has washed it badly and it has stretched widthways – so much so that it’s too big for me. Well, there is a quick way to fix that!


Turn it inside-out and pin, pin, pin! I needed to take in about 2 inches either side to stop it looking like a sack!


I sewed the new seams, trimmed off the excess and zig-zagged all round to give it a chance at not fraying.

IMG_4320 IMG_4319

All done and looking far more slinky, it honestly isn’t as lumpy as it looks in the photo! I know it’s not the most dramatic or complicated refashion in the world but it’s all I have time for these days, and if it gets one more thing off the pile and into my wardrobe I’m happy!

I’ve got two more weeks until Open Studios and then I can relax for a bit – I got some lovely kidsilk haze for my birthday and the new Rowan pattern book that demand my attention! Also that refashion pile… and a serious amount of WIPs…


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