Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter trees…

Hey, am I the only one who’s never heard of Easter trees? We were in a charity shop and saw a little box filled with tiny Easter related ornaments, wondering why vintage cake decorations would have little hangers on them. The lady in the shop said they were Easter tree decorations, and are quite common around Europe.

Well, it turns out that it really is quite a common thing, just not in my house – check out this Google search!

This is our little bit of spring brought into the house for Easter, complete with our version of a tree. Mum grabbed some white acrylic paint, a branch and some moss and stuck it all in a cute green bucket we got from a floristry supplies shop. Finished with a red gingham ribbon and the decorations, I think it looks quite Eastery!


Here are a few lovely Easter trees I found around the web, I particularly like the top one with the birds… some ideas for next year!

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. I love Easter trees!

    When I was a child couple of weeks before Easters we would go into the garden and cut of couple of small branches of a tree and put in water. When Easters arrived the leaves on the branches had started to grow <3

    1. Fantastic idea for next year, thank you!