Thursday, 1 November 2012

I got me some new fabric…

Ok, so I don’t actually need more fabric – the space under my bed hides so many overflowing boxes it looks like my bed is levitating – but I saw it and it was only £5 for 3.5 metres. It’s not quite as bright as in the photo and it is lovely.


It also looks a bit Horrockses, like this:


…and this:


I’ve been a bit obsessed with Horrockses dresses ever since I was bought this V and A book ‘Horrockses Fashions, Off-the-peg Style in the 40’s and 50’s’


I heartily recommend it, just for the eye-candy value of the beautiful fabrics and normal women wearing beautiful dresses.

Because I’ll never own an original (and even if I do, let’s face it, I’m never going to wear it – too precious!) I’m going to make my own, sort of.


To that end I hopped onto Ebay and bought a repro 1957 pattern, Vogue V8789 (£9 including postage from America). I don’t quite have enough fabric for that huge skirt, but since it’s only a gathered rectangle I’ll be able to make-do.

The only thing is that my fabric is diagonally printed so I’m going to have the devil of a time matching the print!


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