Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Shroom for Trace…

I’m getting a head start on Christmas presents (not early enough really!) I’m planning to make this lovely hat from Knitty and then I’m going to make a scarf using the same pattern to match. I’m using Lion Brand thick and quick which is a super bulky yarn that knits up in no time. The colourway is claret – I know, not as bright a yarn as I usually use but Tracey is an accountant and usually wears muted officey colours during the week.

I’ve had to adapt the pattern to knit on straight needles rather than in the round due to a lack of the right sized needles!


Here are my alterations to the pattern rows:

row 1: yo k1 yo k2 to end
row 2: k2 p3 to end
row 3: k3 p2 to end
row 4: k2 p3tog to end

is what it should be but because I was a bit tired when I started, I’ve done row 2 as p2 k3 and row 3 as p3 k2. I got a bit sleepily muddled! It looks nice though, just probably not exactly like is should.


It only took a couple of hours last night to get up to the decreasing rows but it would probably have gone quicker if I didn’t have to purl three together – what a faff!


I had to adapt the crown decreases too:

row 1: k2tog p3 to end
row 2: k2 p2tog to end
row 3: k3tog p1 to end
row 4: k2tog p2tog to end
row 5: p2tog to end


Hope she likes it! Now onto the matching scarf…


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