Monday, 24 September 2012

I really should use an iron a little more….

I decided to take my friend charity shopping in Thirsk and Northallerton a couple of weeks ago. She’s one for sales but doesn’t seem to trust charity shops for some reason. Maybe she hasn’t had that miracle experience where you are rewarded for your endless trawling with the Perfect Thing, often found hiding on a rail of size 8 Rubbish Things.

This is what I came home with, (and didn’t have time to iron during the brief break in the rain I used to take photos)


I’ve worn this, can you tell? I love it so much – it’s only H+M and isn’t the most thick and durable of fabrics but boy is it cute. I love their prints!


I think I have a secret thing for blue and nautical. This top is a little low, perhaps made for an *ahem* bustier lady than I am. I’ll adjust the front when I have time.


A few things to put away for summer. I really like charity shops that don’t stash all the summer stuff away as soon as they see a cloud! While I’m on the subject, I hate charity shops that group clothes by colour. If I want a pair of trousers I might not know what colour I’m after, but I certainly don’t want to trawl the whole shop on the off-chance of finding a pair that fits me.

Right, rant over :)


More things for summer – I really should be looking for winter-wear but my bottom drawer is a foot deep with cardigans.


And a cute little hoodie for work. Only George from Asda but I don’t want the good stuff getting covered in clay!

So there are the things that I bought and they came to less than a crisp £20 – and what did my friend buy? Two work shirts. Ho hum, she’s not a convert yet. I should have known when I spent half an hour waiting outside Principles for her. I don’t even go in ‘real’ clothes shops anymore. The same item in different sizes and lack of elderly women has begun to scare me.


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  1. I couldn't agree more about the charity shops who have organised everything by colour. I mean, really! How much more difficult could they make it! Unfortunately this seems to be a growing trend. Oxfam seem to be culprit #1.
    Also agree re: seasonal stock. Coats are still required at all times during the English summer, y'know! ;-)