Sunday, 9 September 2012

My new creative space…

Finally finished! From this:


…to this…


…to this!


I’m so pleased. Would you like a quick tour?

You see those drawers in the middle there? Well, they used to house my clothes but they weren’t nearly big enough so I moved my clothes into a huge old chest of drawers and filled these with…


…yarn! Lots and lots of (too much) yarn. Is it weird that I stashed it by weight? That top little drawer is sock wool, 1ply, 2ply and 3ply. Below that are two drawers of DK, then worsted and aran, then a drawer of chunky.


My little desk is big enough to sew on and you see those little drawers on the left?


Well, the bottom six house all my pins and needles, scissors, sewing thread, buttons, embroidery hoops etc. etc.


And the top four house my knitting stuff.


Behind the curtain, under the desk, I have more drawers that contain all my sewing patterns (2 big drawers full!). There is also a drawer full of ribbon, trims and bias.


Above the desk there is a shelf of knitting patterns/books and one full of sewing books. The very top shelf has about forty 1950’s Homes and Gardens magazines. Inspirational stuff!

Well that’s it. It’s been a long, hard slog but it’s now a room I feel happy in - and one I don’t mind other people seeing. It’s organised too and I might actually finish that dress I started more than a few months ago…



  1. That room looks great! You've inspired me to declutter mine as well. What a huge undertaking.

  2. Your space looks lovely. A great space to create in

  3. That room looks wonderful!! well done, the new blanket is gonna look beautiful in there too, i've just whited out the kitchen a colour I never thought id use but it really works! and youre right it definatly makes you not want to fill it with junk