Friday, 24 August 2012

Still decorating…

Why does always it take so long?


All the shelves are painted, up and screwed down so I’ve managed to clear a lot of space in the dumping ground workshop by filling the shelves with my books. There are even more than this and I don’t think I’ll fit them but there is always a bit of space on the workshop shelves for things that are currently inspiring us.


I’ve got a separate space above my sewing corner for all my knitting, crochet and sewing books.


Most of these drawers are going to house (most of) my yarn – I really need to destash (or knit more things)!


I’m loving the everything white theme but it’s so clean and uncluttered I’m going to find it hard to bring my stuff back in. I’ve already taken four huge bin bags worth to charity but there may be more.


I reckon there’s a couple more days work and then I’ll be done with all the painting. I’m having to paint the black floor white in sections – first the space for my bed, then I did the rest leaving a strip from the door to my bed (and a square under the wardrobe), then tomorrow I’ll be starting the rest. It’s taking about five coats including a couple of primer.


Nearly done.


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