Monday, 6 August 2012

Rippled blanket crochet fun!


I’ve been crocheting again! It’s been a while, I haven’t done any since the speed blanket just before Christmas (which I finished at 3am on Christmas morning)


This blanket is a lot more straightforward – no tiny fiddly squares for me this time! The pattern is from Lucy at Attic24 and I’m loving the easy pace and speedy growth.

The yarn is my Stylecraft special DK which I’ve used for all my blankets – I love the bright colours, price and the fact that you can stick it in the washing machine.

This is my map of the colours I’ll be using, there are 18:


It’s Lucy’s pick of 17 available from Mason’s (plus white from stash) and it costs £25.50 plus delivery.

I think I’ll be happier when I get to the Pinks! When I finish the colour run I plan to reverse it so I get a double rainbow.

It’s great to have something productive to do in the evenings when the telly is on (and it’s always on, Olympics anybody?)!



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