Thursday, 16 August 2012

My (empty) creative space…

My creative space was most of my bedroom. These photos show just a small part but imagine the whole room looking like this! It was unruly and cluttered and while it looked quite inspiring it was pretty hard to find space to get anything done (or even find anything to do it with). More often than not the sewing machine found its way onto the dining table.


To be honest I’m a bit of a hoarder really! I needed a dedicated place for everything and to streamline it all.


It’s hard for me to throw things away, and it took three days to clear the room, but I needed to reclaim my bedroom. Every book, scrap of fabric, ball of wool and Interesting Thing is now bagged up in the workshop. This is my new creative space:


Lawks! It’s much smaller, cleaner and hopefully it will be tidier. I filled several binbags with rubbish and I have lots still to go through. I still need to finish painting and put everything back but I’ll be judicious! I couldn’t wait to show you the difference but I’ll take more pictures when it’s finished. There will be a whole alcove filled with top to bottom with shelves for books and I have a chest of drawers reserved just for yarn.

I can’t wait for it to be finished! It’s so bright and light. We used Dulux light-reflecting paint for the walls and plain white eggshell for the wood. The floor will also be white but the skirting will be blue. There will be lots of colour though from accessories like the blanket I’m making. I don’t want it to be sterile!


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