Thursday, 19 July 2012

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Last week, our boss decided to take us on a daytrip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This is a place we normally take the students at least once a year, so it was a bit of a busman’s holiday. On the other hand, it was nice to actually get to see the sculptures rather than spending all day herding the students out of the cafe and towards the art!

It has rained non-stop for weeks now so it was a pleasant surprise to have nice weather for a change.


There are two huge galleries (showing Miro and Anish Kapoor at the moment) and the park is so big you have a choice of a trek or a shuttle bus from one gallery to the other. It’s a nice walk though with lots of huge sculptures on the way.


It’s a shame you can’t take photo’s in the galleries, but the nice staff will inform you that you can’t take photo’s in the park either (but that no-one will actually stop you!)


In case you were wondering, here’s how you clean a Miro sculpture – with a sweeping brush and a bucket of water. We normals aren’t even allowed to touch this one.


The park stretches right over to the other side of the valley.


They were erecting a life-sized inflatable replica of Stonehenge that morning. It’s a bouncy castle made by Jeremy Deller and titled Sacrilege but we didn’t get a go on it. Boo.


A short video of them trying to get it up *chortle*

If you find yourself anywhere near Wakefield, it’s definitely worth a visit (although give yourself four or five hours!).


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