Monday, 2 July 2012

A little sunny gardening…

…is a rare thing these days. We seem to be alternating between light showers and full-blown storms. And the worst thing is my gran reckons it’s going to be like this until December! She might be winding me up, but then she looked like she’d got it straight from Sian LLoyd’s mouth.

I shouldn’t complain though because (touch wood) we’ve narrowly missed being flooded and pretty everywhere within a hundred mile radius hasn’t.

It’s also forced us to use the opportunity to start bedroom decorating. Yikes! We accumulate a lot of Interesting Things rubbish.

Anyway, a couple of hours a week we get some sun and last week we used those to dig out a bigger flower bed to put some of the plants that were overflowing from the greenhouse.


It needed to be big enough to hide that ugly grate smack bang in the centre of the lawn.


The four hundred primulas we dug from the edge of the border plus some of the new plants. Are we the only ones who can’t drive past a garden centre without going in (and buying something)?


And finished, four hundred primulas in situ plus greenhouse plants. It’ll look lovely when it fills in.

Oh, it’s raining again. Back to the decorating.


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