Monday, 11 June 2012

Vintage finds at the Knavesmire…

I don’t know how you feel about real fur – I’ve talked about it before and as far as I’m concerned vintage fur is fine but new fur is baaaad.

This fox has been dead longer than I’ve been alive, and he’s beautiful.


He’s a lot less evil-looking in real life. He was tumbled in a box with a lot of other furs but what caught my eye was the lovely ruffled silk on the back. He was marked at £9 and the vintage fabric in the top picture was £7. I offered her £10 for both and she took it. Yay! He needs a good clean though.


I love this Hornsey ware and I’ve never seen one with a lamb before. I see a lot in charity shops, smaller pieces mostly with deer on, for around £6. This one is much bigger and cost £7 after haggling.


I have a fondness for Louis Wain cats, and these are in a similar style. £3.


This case contains bugs favourable to agriculture. I bought it for the box really which has clasps either side so the glass top lifts off. I’ll use it for displaying things for sale during Open Studios and suchlike. Sorry bugs! £4


The previous three were from the same stall as the royal teacups. Everything jumbled in boxes, £2 each or 3 for £5. We spent ages at that stall!


This book was 50p. If there is one thing I like more than vintage china it’s vintage sewing and knitting books.


‘This little jacket is knitted firmly enough to look like fabric, and it’s shoulders are padded in the military manner!’


‘A brassiere top and shorts for the swim; a gored skirt that goes with a swing, easy to slip on when you take your place in the sun!’

I need to stock up on some 4-ply.


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