Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Painting handles with pizza boxes?

Just a quick tip. I needed to spray paint a load of nasty discoloured plastic drawer handles and realised that the easiest way would be to attach them to something stiff and do them all at once. I raided our recycling and found two pizza boxes that were perfect for the job!


After giving them a good clean I attached them using the screws they came with.


Then blasted them with a couple of coats of my favourite sky coloured plasti-kote.


Et voila. Lovely, shiny, bright handles. The round ones were an 80’s red with cream accents. Yummy.

And the result? Well it was always going to be a melamine chest of drawers, there’s no changing that, but it looks a hundred times better than it did and a can of spray paint is a damn sight cheaper than buying something new!


And anyway, it’s for a boy’s who thinks elegance is a lazboy and some pepsi.



  1. That is a great idea should I need to do that. I have the same type of handles on several things. There are not discolored yet. But if they do, I now know what to do!


  2. I will have to remember this, looks good!

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