Monday, 19 September 2011

Rescued with a dyebath…

I had this dress which I had worn (and washed) to death. It’s hard to tell in the photos but it was starting to look tired and a bit bleached around the edges.
I also had this top which had gone a bit grey, and then I somehow managed to wash it with a red tee-shirt which left faint pinky blotches all over it.
Cue Dylon Mexican red…
Just make sure your rubber gloves don’t have holes in them…
I realised at the last minute that I had loads of dye salt but no dye fix. A quick look on the interweb told me I could use washing soda (nope haven’t got any of that) or sodium carbonate, AKA soda ash (nope, haven’t got any of… wait a minute!) Soda ash is commonly used in glazes, and what do I have a workshop full of? That’s right, glaze ingredients. Woo! I found some and fixed my dye. It worked perfectly, and was probably cheaper than the Dylon stuff.
After the dye bath - it’s a bit hard to tell in this photo (why is red so hard to photograph?) but it’s very vibrant and no longer looks washed out.
I didn’t bother reading the label on the top because it was either this or turning it into dishcloths but it turned out to be polycotton. Well, what do you expect from topshop?
I don’t mind though because the colour is lovely. It’s a little bit salmon and a little bit hot pink. I’ll get more use out of it now though, it looks like new!

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  1. Nice! I ALWAYS do that to my whites. By that I mean the before pic :/