Monday, 29 August 2011

Thrifty curtains…

We found this fantastic pair of curtains in a charity shop, perfect for our living room – see how boring the old curtains were?


And the new curtains? Chintztastic.


We have two large windows but there was only one pair of curtains, luckily they were over twice the width of our windows so I thought I’d just cut them in half.

Imagine my joy when I got them home and found out they had a central seam!


I got out my trusty stitch ripper and hacked them in two. The header tape ran across the seam so I just cut it in half, sewed it down and tied the threads to secure them. A lot of hemming later, they looked like this:


Don’t they look much better? They cost £5, and took about an hour to fix.

Anyone remember that Ikea advert, Chuck out your chintz? I would have killed to know the location of that skip!


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