Saturday, 25 June 2011

Working hard…

but not necessarily on the nice things! I haven’t had time for any sewing, knitting, crochet – well I have but I’ve been too tired to do any.

We’ve just had our busiest week of the year at work, getting all the final shows ready. Now, you might think that putting work on boards and plinths is easy but we had to lug those boards and plinths in to the rooms and paint them after removing all the tables and chairs and general accumulated rubbish. It was a week of moving and shifting and we’ve got more to do next week taking them all down and putting more shows up. Phew, it’s hard work and we’ve been too tired to do anything when we get home.

We also bought a wii. I know, a bit late to the party but I really wanted the wii fit because we’re all a bit lardy and there is no way I can afford to join a gym or want to suffer the humiliation of jogging in front of other people. At least when I catch sight of myself in the mirror as I fall over trying to perfect my yoga I can comfort myself with the knowledge that only I can see me. The only annoying thing is that my brother has lost 5lb in 3 days and I’ve put 1lb on!

It’s been a bit rainy lately and I haven’t been in the garden much so imagine my surprise when I checked my vegetables this morning and there was actual produce! God bless plants that look after themselves.




Tomatoes just starting to flower


Savoy cabbage




My pride and joy, a teensy cauliflower the size of a tennis ball


Strawberries and blackberries


Goosegogs and apples


Broad beans and runner beans

Yum, yum, yum!


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  1. I LOVE my wii! I have DDR and do it with my balance board, i lost 6lbs in a month by just playing in workout mode and setting it that i wanna burn 200 cals! You must try, I liked it better then Wii Fit and i thought that was fun.