Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Teensy alterations can make all the difference…

Every artist should have a smock, but I draw the line at living in a garret.
I got this great smock top for £3.25 from a charity shop on Friday and although I loved the top part, the bottom was a crazy gathered bubble hem that gave me more hips than I deserve.
I buttoned it up to the bottom and it was like a hobble skirt! Ok, so you’re probably not meant to wear it like that but either way it made me look a little like Andy Pandy.
I didn’t want to mess with it too much, so I just cut off the hem and re-hemmed it straight.
It’s very comfy and yes, it’s still quite Andy Pandy now I’ve lodged that image in your head, but I’ll be wearing it with a belt to avoid that and the obvious maternity look.
The only other thing is I might have to re-sew all the buttons – who bothers putting on anchor buttons but forgets to orient them the right way. Sideways anchors? It’s only a little thing but it annoys the bejingers out of me!

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