Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crochet flower cushion…

This is a practice for Christmas presents (I know, it’s June, but if I don’t start really early I’ll be doing it all last minute!)


The pattern is Fanciful Flowers Potholder by Claudia Lowman.


I used an old jumper for the back but it is a bit too stretchy – next time I’ll crochet another circle (I’m just too lazy to do it just now for this one) I also won’t use white for the base but it was an odd ball I wasn’t likely to use for much else and this was only meant to be a practice run.


Sewing the back to the front face-to-face was a bit tricky because of the different weights and the extra row of petals on the edge of the front getting in the way.


It worked out ok though! When we got rid of our old sofas I kept all the cushions with a view to reusing the stuffing for this sort of thing. Don’t you just love it when your hoarding tendencies are justified? This cushion cost about £1 to make (if I don’t bill for my time) but it’s worth much more because handmade is pretty much always better.


Next time I’ll crochet the back, use a darkish colour for the base layer, and I might stick a great big button in the centre. All in all I’m pleased with how it came out and I’m looking forward to making lots for prezzies!


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