Sunday, 3 April 2011

I forgot to show you my Open Studios dress!

Despite the weeks and months of hair-tearing stress, I decided to make myself a new dress for the event, last minute. “Only you…” said ma. But sometimes, you just need a new dress. It looks nice in the workshop and dammit, I want to look nice too!
I used two patterns:
View A, but with the sleeves. Combined with…
…this skirt. The top part is definitely 60’s – look at that hair! But the skirt is 50’s. It looks a lot bigger in the pretty drawing than it actually is, but then the pattern has a 26” waist (and I don’t) so I replaced the soft pleats with gathering. Also the top doesn’t have a 26” waist either, more like 35 so I had to be creative with the darts. I should really try buying patterns in my size!
The fabric is some beautiful 50’s vintage I got from a random fabric sale at college. I had to use every scrap to make it (and sew some scraps together to make the button placket for the skirt!)
It was also very dull and a bit 80’s-does-50’s looking until I added the red polka-dot ribbon to the neckline and hem.
I know, good shoes. By the way, mum once told me that in the 50’s my gran had a 19” waist! How’s that for tiny? I haven’t asked her, but I have seen her wedding dress and if I had any nostalgic ideas about wearing it if I got married someday, I don’t now. Blimy, that lady was tiny.


  1. Beautiful dress! And yes, I do love the shoes! You look lovely!

  2. She must have worn a corset. I always wonder how ppl could wear those and what of internal injury, if any? Great vintage dress!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nope, 19" without a corset! She must have done her excercises :)

    Corsets squish most of your internal organs upwards into part of the space normally taken by your lungs - nice, no wonder women were prone to fainting.