Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A day in sunny Scarborough…

except it wasn’t that sunny. We left York in a heatwave and pitched up in the middle of what my gran reliably tells me was a sea-fret.


And you know what? It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. We took a walk along North bay beach and could hear kids playing but we couldn’t see anyone, then all of a sudden four kids would run out of the fog, head across our path and back into the fog again. Spooky.


We also went to the Sea Life Centre while we were there. I know they are huge, commercial, shiny, shiny zoos but by god, the fish are pretty. And also a little spooky, like these jellyfish.

Woooooooo, spooky jellyfish…


See? I could bore you with another twenty pictures like these, but I won’t. I’ll finish with one more though, entitled “mummy, why are those seals fighting?” Ahem.



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