Monday, 29 November 2010

Lawks, it only went and snowed again…

It snowed overnight – isn’t that the best thing about snow? Do you remember when you were a kid, going to bed and hoping it would snow through the night because that depended whether or not you went to school in the morning? Ok, maybe not those of you in Texas! But those of us in unpredictable weather land (where it will probably rain instead) it always felt a bit like it was Christmas eve. Will the snow come, won’t it? Will I get to drive my mum mad at home instead of doing sums?

When I woke up this morning it looked like this:


And this…


And this…


At the moment it’s falling like little polystyrene balls, almost hail. I can hear them clattering down the chimney into the fireplace.


Bearing in mind that this is really unseasonable weather – it hasn’t snowed this early in the UK for 17 years. We also live in a valley, ok so it’s a big valley I can’t see the sides of, but it usually snows on the moors, dales or pennines and all we see is a distant cloud passing by that could possibly hold snow for some lucky kid.

All that is why I’m currently banging my palms together like a deranged seal and squealing like a squealy thing.


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