Sunday, 28 November 2010

Oh my giddy aunt, it snowed like a monkey…

Raise a glass to unseasonable cold snaps and hail the gods of snow! I love snow, in fact I get unreasonably excited and squealy for a 30 year-old.

Yesterday it looked like this:


Just a sprinkling of dusty whiteness. Then a few hours ago it looked like this:


A little bit more! But now it looks like this:


And this:

IMG_0056 IMG_0055

That second photo was taken with the flash on, look at all the twinkly snowflakes!

I just drove home from my gran’s house in a blizzard (less than 15mph all the way) and I should have been scared but I was way too excited. Excited but cautious. Did I mention I love snow? I love snow. Heeee!

Anyway, it’s mum’s birthday on the 8th and I need to finish that stripy jumper – what better weather to sit and knit behind a window looking out on. Or something.



  1. LOL, I hate the white stuff but don't mind looking at other peoples photos of it.

  2. Squeeeeee!!!! I love snow - we don't see it too often here in Texas. Enjoy the knitting!

  3. I love me some snow, too! We don't get it very often here in Washington state, but we enjoy the break from the rain. I loved seeing your photos and reading of your excitement...makes me all giddy on your behalf.