Thursday, 6 May 2010

What do you think of this colour?

So, we painted the workshop table, but we’re not sure about the colour – it really is that turquoise. I’m getting used to it, but mum’s not so sure and we both have to work on it. We wanted off-white walls and splashes of bright colour and we had this unused tin in the shed. What do you guys think? Could you live with it? I think the thing she really hates is that it clashes with the ever-so-slightly-different-shade-of-turquoise stools you can see on the left of the picture. And we didn’t think of that. And they are perfectly worn in all the most fashionable places by years of use so it would be a travesty to paint them.


I also spent hours Tuesdayday notching the legs for the rest of the workbenches that will be going around the corner of the room. I had to do 13 of them (lucky for some) and although I like using the circular saw – you know how I love power tools – it tends to kick up sawdust into my face and make my cheeks hurt. Who needs fancy micro-dermabrasion? The great thing is that this weekend I can start putting them together!

I think I didn’t appreciate just how long it would take to make these benches, even though I knew we’d be only be able to make them in the few hours a week we have spare. Soon be finished, and then the sense of major achievement will kick in!



  1. It's a great colour – I do love turquoise – but I can see her point about it not matching the chairs. Could you bear the pain of getting a colour to match the chairs and repainting it?

  2. I like the blue but then my bedroom was that colour all through my teens!

  3. I thought the torquoise was very bright, but fine, until you pointed out the chairs. A pain to repaint, but I'm with your mum. At least you tried to make use of unused paint, you can console yourself that its a good undercoat maybe.

  4. Personally, I love love love the blue color! Does it really matter that it doesn't match the chairs? No! If everything in the world matched, it would be very boring to look at. Give it a few years of use, getting knocked with said chairs, gaining character with every knick and scratch, splash and spill, and the table will blend in just fine.

    If it does just drive your Mom bonkers right now, you could tone it down with liquid shoe polish or tinted furniture wax right over the paint.

  5. Is there something else in the room that you could paint in the 2 blue colors or make some pillows or curtains or something that has the 2 colors in it then it will look as if it was meant to be that way. I happen to love the color of the table.