Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Busy busy busy…

…worry, worry, worry. In fact, I’ve been too busy to post lately. Has it really been two weeks?

The thing is, I haven’t got much to show you. As many of you know, I work in the art department of a college. This time of year is our busiest by far because they always seem to find a way to do the bulk of their final pieces at the last minute. I can’t really complain, I was the same myself, but it doesn’t half make you tired watching students pulling out their hair with worry! The other thing is that I work with my mum which means we spend half of our home-time planning the following week, and other projects fall by the wayside.

To make matters worse one of our cats has gone walkabout, right in the middle of a course of antibiotics. He’s been gone since Friday and it isn’t looking good. So, when we’re not worrying about work, we’re worrying about (and looking for) Kitten. Our local RSPCA keeps odd hours, so first thing tomorrow is the first chance I’ll have to phone and see if he’s wound up there.

We have managed to find some time for the workshop – the base for the Belfast sink is built and we’ve ordered lots of ‘bits’ like taps and worktops, so we can hopefully fit it all in next week during half term. We’ve also started laying paving in our devastated-by-builders garden, so our guests have somewhere to stand during our Grand Workshop Opening Party.

I also found a morning for sewing. I love this playsuit made by Mena at The Sew Weekly and I wanted to make one too. Using this pattern…


I have so far made this…


Ok, so it’s only the top minus the sleeves. But I have cut them and the bottom parts and adjusted the skirt to make culottes. I made it from an old duvet cover and it’s a wearable muslin because I have some really beautiful fabric, perfect for this project, but I’m afraid to cut into it! It might not work. Can you tell I spent ages matching the stripes? It took nearly the whole duvet cover to cut the pieces for this, but I’m loath to make something I’ll never wear because it’s annoying to look at.

Anyway, the students will be all finished in a couple of weeks and I’m quietly confident Kitten will turn up – he’s an outdoorsy cat and has wandered off like this before and always turns up sooner or later – maybe then I’ll be able to relax a bit and indulge in some more nice things.



  1. I do hope kitters shows up soon so you can stop worrying. I remember that end of semester feeling,,,sometimes when I'm driving around without a care in the world and I realize what time of year it is I feel very sorry for all the students.

  2. Things will get better soon! Hang in there and I pray that Kitten comes home safe and sound.

    Hugs XX

  3. Ah..the end of the academic year. My oldest graduated yesterday, my younger three have THREE MORE DAYS until break.

    LOL...our long haired cat Jinx went missing a few weeks ago, and came back bald on one side. I can't imagine he held still for anyone to shave him (he HATES being brushed and positively loathes being held!) so he must have been stuck somewhere that required sacrificing some fur to get out. Poor Guy! Hope your Kitty comes home soon.

  4. My husband works at Sheffield Uni and his students are exactly the same. They even turn nasty on him sometimes! He had one try to black mail him for an extension once!