Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A new home for the chooks…

We don’t spend much time in the front garden these days, so we decided to move the chooks into the back garden, because that’s where the workshop is, and that’s where we always are. We decided that they’d have more room this way too.
We usually grow veggies around the greenhouse, but with a bit of fencing we could put the chooks there instead.
We made the gate to be deliberately ramshackle! We were going for a rustic look rather than ‘The Good Life’ and when we get around to putting the paving back down, and planting in front of the hen house it might just look like that. Or we’ll paint it green.
The old run didn’t have a gate, and it’s heaven to be civilised for a change and not have to climb over a fence to put them to bed!
The inside of the house – note, they have never once used their perch.
To the side there is a fence that is high on the hen’s side, but only 3’ on the other so my neighbour can easily feed them (he likes to collect worms for them). This photo was taken while we were still sorting it out – now they have logs to perch on and a string we can hang green things from. The plant at the front right is spinach, they love spinach so within an hour that had gone, but I’ve got a big spinach bed in the front garden to treat them with.
And on the other side of the greenhouse we attached an old cupboard door. We stapled chicken wire to the open part for extra added rusticity.
Trust me, by summer it will definitely look more rustic and less Good Life!

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