Friday, 2 April 2010

This week’s vintage finds….

Ok, so I haven’t had much time for making things, but I managed to get out to the charity shops for a couple of hours. It was slim pickings, but I did find this:


I love old sewing baskets, it seemed a bit steep at £4 - especially since it’s falling to bits and needs some tlc - until I opened it up…


…and I found it was full of lovely old sewing stuff! I’ve never seen so many sewing needles in one place, there were also lots of bobbins – some of them are wooden, and you know how I love wooden bobbins! Lengths of elastic, zips (some curiously tiny), thimbles, buttons a weird needle threader (the green box that says ‘Ully’ in the third pic – if anyone knows how to use it…?) There is also a load of darning thread and a darning mushroom.



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  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Like a lot:) This is the cutest sewing basket!!! I love getting things like this with tons of goodies inside. I bought a bag of yarn at a yard sale the other day and it had a bag inside that was full of surprises: embroidery thread, patterns, needles etc. Yah for thrifting:)