Sunday, 18 April 2010

Car booty…

Just a few things I discovered at last Saturday’s car boot sale. There is a lot of this fabric – more than enough to make a lovely frock. I know what you’re all thinking, ‘does Beccy ever make any of these dresses she’s always banging on about?’ Well never fear, I will soon as I have a free day! At the moment I’m just gathering supplies so I have everything on hand I need for those perfect frocks :)


Speaking of supplies, I found these awesome cards of buttons too.


This 60’s dress was £3 and it just fits. If only I hadn’t eaten all those eggs over Easter…


This tea set 30p. 30p!!! The little old lady on the stall asked if I needed it because I was ‘away to college?’. Haha, despite being 30, I look about 17.


And finally, my new toy. It’s an old 60’s Rapier plane and it cost me £3. The blade looked like someone had used it on a cheesegrater but I managed to grind it back to usability.


Tune in tomorrow (as they say on the telly) to see what we’ve been doing with it!



  1. Terrific buys!! You did great. Can't wait to see that dress. Loving the fabric and buttons, a girl after my own heart!!

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