Thursday, 23 May 2013

Late Springtime!

I love late springtime – not quite as much as snow but I love it all the same.


The butterflies are all waking up…


More aquilegias than I can count flowering in the garden…


Fresh lilac on the table (my absolute favourite spring thing!)


And, erm, freak hailstorms. This is Britain people, and I live in a valley so we have crazy unpredictable weather! Honestly it pours down and then it’s blistering hot, so we usually end up having to water everything anyway.

In other news my pleurisy went away which is good, but I once again haven’t had much time for sewing. I’ve managed to shorten some jeans into capri-jeans which were great for the two really sunny days we had, and I think look pretty cute!

I’ve also been tarting up refurbishing a cabinet which involved totally re-glazing the doors and a painty makeover. Not finished yet, but watch this space.

Also, we had our friendly neighbourhood squirrel raid the bird feeder today. The only thing is, he then proceeded to bury the seeds all around the garden. We’re going to have a bumper crop of strange grasses this year!

Stupid squirrel.


1 comment:

  1. The lilacs on your table are lovely. Isn't Spring wonderful? Well, except for the grass commando squirrel. Squirrels!

    I read your blog all the time and I sigh every time I see that beautiful garden picture in your header. I never comment, though, I'm sorry about that. I'm a poor commenter. But I love visiting!