Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A walk in the woods…

Saturday was a stunningly sunny and warm day so we got out of the house and went for a walk in the woods. This little nature reserve is a stone’s throw from my house and is lovely this time of year. There are huge old rhododendrons and azaleas so now is the best time to go.


Although there are paths, it’s a bit more exciting to go off-piste and find your own way around. Every so often you get glimpses of amazingly green and fresh farmland through the trees and (slightly spookily) you can hear sheep but not see any.


Every so often the wood opens out to a pond or a clearing. I love woods like this, managed but not over-managed. And although there were lots of other people around it’s very easy to lose yourself so you feel like the only ones for miles.


The birdsong is constant too – although they keep themselves well hidden you can hear them all the time.


This tree is the only one in the whole wood that has writing scratched into it, it goes all around the trunk and fairly high too. It’s quite lovely and romantic really.


A rare photo of me - in case you’re wandering, I was falling out of a tree. I like climbing!


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