Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I finished my Open Studios jumper in time…

Just! I was sewing it up at 1am the night before and knitting on the neckband two hours before we opened to the public. I think it turned out great considering my rushedness:


A rare photo of me actually wearing something I’ve made…


A close-up of the stitches – so pretty!


I used cheap Cygnet Wool Rich 4ply because the Rowan wools recommended are discontinued and the replacements, though lovely, are far too expensive for my limited budget. Despite the price it was really nice to knit, with good stitch definition as promised.


I’m pleased with the way it turned out and the colours are very close to the original pattern. I need a new knitting project and I have got a few birthdays coming up…



  1. OMGosh!! It's You!!! So pretty, and I love love love your green spectacles! (I'm a green eyed monster myself, but have opted this time around for purple frames.)

    The sweater is absolutely, positively beautiful.

  2. Eek! Yep, that's me - not too many photo's of me around, I hate having my photo taken!

    Thankyou for your lovely comments, I'm blushing madly!