Friday, 13 April 2012

Garden pond knitting…

I’ve been knitting a lot lately but this is my last speed knit for a while.

I knew I wanted to knit the lovely Garden Pond shawl for my aunt for her birthday last week, but I was so busy with my Alouette that I only left myself a week to do it!

Well, I managed it JUST - I was weaving in the ends on the morning of her birthday!

I used the yarn from a blue/grey 3-ply pure merino jumper that I bought in a charity shop for £3 and unravelled ages ago. Thrifty but quality!


It was slow going, boring, and took up every evening for the whole week, but worth it I think. It’s very light but warm and will suit those chilly evenings when she goes on holiday.

From now on I’m only going to spend a normal amount of my time knitting!