Thursday, 23 December 2010

We’ve been crocheting mad…

Or driven mad by excessive crochet. Either way, since we’ve each had bouts of flu-like symptoms mum and me have had a lot of free time we could only fill with low-impact work.
This blanket is a Christmas present for my aunt, there are 289 little squares and every single one is different (well, nearly – I made a mistake and repeated one square, prizes if you can spot it) It’s not huge, but it is very pretty. We used Stylecraft special DK because the colours are amazing and easily washable. It’s blocking now, so just the edging to do and it’s finished. It’s based on Attic24’s cushion, in fact my recent preoccupation with crochet is entirely based on Attic24 which I discovered a couple of weeks ago. I could already crochet but Lucy’s blog is really, really inspiring – if you haven’t discovered it yet, go and have a look!
The crochet birds are also Christmas presents, and yes the pattern can be found on Attic24
I bought this lamp (sorry no before pictures) from a charity shop for £2 because my last one blew up. I liked the shape but the base was a sort of pastely purple with oily lustre. Yuck! So I crocheted a cover for it and slung a tatty vintage traycloth over the top. Much nicer, and it only took an hour or so.
Hail to the all new colourful life!


  1. Oh Beccy! The blanket is so beautiful! I love granny squares of any sort, especially when they're pieced from a zillion colors.

  2. Totally amazing! I want to make one of these for Each member of my family. ( well my house) and my sisters family! After the holidays I am going to start on these! You inspire me to do so much!

  3. oh I love the blanket. you've done a great job thanks for sharing

  4. can you tell me where I can locate the pattern? would like to make these for my family and friends for Christmas next yr. thank you

  5. Thanks guys!
    Hi Patty - if you click on the words 'Attic24' it will take you to Lucy's lovely blog where you can find all the originals. There is a pattern for the birds but I'm not sure if there is a pattern for the blanket.

    Here it is, it's just a little basic granny square:

    Chain 5 then join to form a ring, chain 3 then dbl crochet twice into ring, *chain 1, dbl 3 times into ring*, repeat from * twice more and fasten off. Join into a space, chain 3 then dbl twice into same space, chain 1, double 3 times into same space *skip 3 stitches then double 3 times into space, chain 1 then double 3 times into same space* Repeat from * another two times, fasten off and you've done a little square.

    Hope this helps,
    Beccy :)

  6. That afgahn is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  7. Beautiful! I love granny squares! Oh your duplicate square is blue with yellow around :)

  8. Thanks guys!

    Hi Laura, I'm afraid those yellow squares aren't the duplicates! One is blue and the other is turquoise. I'm pretty sure it's a purple one, but without having the blanket in front of you it's hard to tell from the pictures because a few of the colours look similar.


  9. What a pretty granny square afghan!! I love the colors!! I would treasure it forever!! You are so very lucky to have received it!

  10. I am completely new to crocheting, and I'm working on my first basic blanket. Can you tell me what is the best way to learn a granny square? By the way, your blanket above is lovely!

  11. I love this! i cant stop looking at it. the repeat is at the bottom left wit the 2 blue squares with what it looks like to be turquoise in the middle. But its still amazing. What kind of border did you use?

  12. First anon: Unfortunately I didn't receive it, I gave it, so I can't treasure it forever - I've started a new one though, and it's going to be bigger although it might take much, much longer because I don't have a deadline for this one!

    Second anon: There are lots of great granny-square tutorials on the web, but I'd check out It's a great place to start and full of lovely inspiration!

    Sara: Thankyou! Sorry though, the repeat isn't those two blue ones on the left there - they are similar though. I'm pretty sure they are purple around the outside and they definitely aren't anywhere near each other :)

  13. Oh yes!!! Lucy is a pot of inspirations!! there is a group called "We love Lucy" in Ravelry!! there is a lot of inspiration there too! and it's really friendly and chitchatting...
    I LOOOOVE your blanket!!!
    I'm wure your aunt will too!
    Well done!