Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Laying paving AKA procrastination express…

Ok, so I know I should be putting up miles of shelves and generally finishing the inside of the workshop but we really wanted to get this bit of paving laid. You see, our patio area was sooo small, just big enough for our little table and three chairs. What’s that? You’d like to invite people round? Barbeque perhaps? Well no, you just can’t fit em. Since our Grand Opening Party will require other folk occupying the premises, we felt almost justified spending a few days in the sun.

Until we started that is.

Because it involved moving vast amounts of earth, levelling said earth, and then realising that the old paving blocks we were using (that used to occupy our front garden) were all different thicknesses. This meant we spent a whole day laying each one individually. No easy, straightforward jobs for us! Bah, the sun became torturous pretty quickly but the paving is looking nice!


Just got to fire and glaze the tiles that will fit in those triangular bits and we’re done.

Next up on our procrastination timetable are; Building a wall for a raised bed, planting the bed, painting an ugly concrete garage to be sympathetic, glazing the outdoor tiles, glazing tiles for around the sinks – the list goes on!

Sadly, the miles of shelving will have to wait.

P.s. thankyou to everyone who sent good thoughts for Kitten! I can tell he’s getting better because he’s becoming tetchier by the minute (his fur growing back might give a more accurate visible assessment, but then I am trying to keep my shredded arms covered)


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