Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Kitten came home!

Yay! If you remember, one of our cats went missing about a month ago – after several phonecalls to the Cats Protection League, RSPCA and several vets he didn’t turn up. We also put posters up and some people rang – we even went to see a cat that could have been him but no, we were disappointed.

But, I was on the phone at 8.30am yesterday and I looked up and there he was, just sitting on the carpet licking his paws. I got off the phone just as he slipped out of the cat flap so I followed him, calling and calling. I turned round and there he was sitting behind me. He was very jittery, and very thin but it was him.

It’s awful how thin he is, and he’s lost most of the hair on his head. He has scabs on his face, back and ankles – although he had had a fight with another cat a week before he went missing which triggered him licking his fur until it came off, so in that respect he looks a bit better. He was in the middle of a course of antibiotics when he went missing.

Here he is before:


Handsome huh? And here he is now:


Poor little boy, I nearly didn’t recognise him! The vet has given him more antibiotics and steroids. He weighed nearly 6kg at his last vet appointment (14th May, three days before he went missing) and he weighs 3.5kg now. Her best guess is that he’s been trapped in a garage living off his own reserves which is too awful to think about. But now he’s home and we’re overjoyed. He’s very friendly until the ‘roid rage kicks in! We can’t stop stroking him, and we’ve got the wounds to prove it!



  1. Amazing! I'm so glad he came home and hope he regains the weight and gets comfy and well again soon.

  2. wow! I suppose you thought you'd never see him again. I'm glad he's home and hope he has a speedy recovery

  3. Glad he's home, he looks so different now. I'm sure he'll soon put the weight back on with all the extra treats you'll be giving him for coming home!

  4. Amazing the difference size. Poor baby. I'm thrilled he found his way back home. It breaks my heart thinking he could of been trapped someplace. Like you I would endure scratches to love him!

  5. Oh, I am so happy you got a happy ending! We "lost" a cat last June and I still entertain the idea that he'll come back to us.

  6. Thanks guys! He's just had his two week vet appointment and he's put on a kilogram and his fur is growing back around his head. He still looks a bit skeletal but he's on the road to recovery!

    Erin - I'm so sorry you lost your cat :( but it's not unheard of for them to come waltzing through the door like they've never been away, even years later. I never though Kitten would come back because we've had cats go missing and never come back - I like to remind myself that cats can look after themselves and it doesn't take them long to find out mice are tasty!