Sunday, 29 June 2014

If you have a garden, you're always busy - 300th post spectaculaaaaar!

Ok you got me, not really so spectaculaaaar, because mostly I've been painting things and I only just noticed that this is my 300th post. Not bad really considering I get pretty bored pretty quickly. I blame work and the fact that it forces me to spend so much time with seventeen year olds that I've accidentally adopted their attention span. That and I'm naturally really childish.

The greenhouse desperately needed a lick of paint - the old sage green was wearing off and we didn't want it falling to bits! I painted on lots of wood preserver before the colour to give it the best possible chance.

We started with slate grey Cuprinol as a base and added a little purple and black acrylic paint to make it a much richer colour. Classy, we thought.

It was pretty tricky painting the roof, (balancing one foot on the top rung of a ladder, trying not to fall through), and really it's best the photo's are from a distance because there is far more paint on the glass than there ought to be.

Still, it looks pretty in the photo's and that's one garden job done - there are always plenty more though!


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