Sunday, 13 October 2013


They started quite discreet…

2013-09-26 17.18.312013-09-26 17.20.58

But then they grew…

2013-10-04 08.01.09

And grew…..

2013-10-04 17.32.29

And grew…!

2013-10-05 13.57.01-2

I thought that fly agarics were rare, or only grew in foreign lands. A quick google tells me they are rife and everywhere. Still, I’ve never seen one except in a picture book so I was pretty disappointed there weren’t more gnomes. Or any gnomes.

Luckily the hens didn’t seem interested in eating them, but something was definitely having a nibble – I think our resident slugs are having a whale of a time at the bottom of the garden! Either that or they’ve all poisoned themselves.

Either way, I’m not particularly interested in eating them. I just think they’re pretty. A friend issued a warning when I put these pics on Facebook – you’d better pick them before they spore or your garden will look like Super Mario Land!

That sounds awesome!

Beccy Ridsdel

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  1. Oh wow! What beautiful toadstools. Thank you for capturing their development and sharing. Xx