Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Impromptu Wales

So, we found ourselves in Wales last week. It wasn’t planned, we just decided a couple of days before we went, found a last minute cottage and hopped in the car!

2013-07-20 17.08.33

We stayed in Betws-Y-Coed, a beautiful little village in North Wales. The cottage is above the cafe but it’s built into the hillside so that red door on the left leads to steps up to the cottage which is actually on ground level. Did that make sense?

2013-07-19 16.37.37

The steps to the cottage just kept going up and up – this is the view from the top of the terraced garden.

2013-07-20 15.04.36

Wales has new wonderful scenery around every corner. This is Swallow Falls.

2013-07-20 16.03.45

Betws is in Snowdonia National Park so the scenery just gets more and more dramatic.

2013-07-20 16.04.382013-07-24 15.22.41

This is Conwy, and that is Conwy castle. It’s huge! I know I keep banging on about it but the scenery in North Wales is amazing – in places it is so wild it seems remote, like there are no other human beings for miles and miles. Then you drive round a corner to find a walled city or a seaside town full of life and kiss-me-quick hats.

2013-07-24 15.21.49

The smallest house in Britain, also in Conwy.

2013-07-22 10.51.11

Llandudno pier.

2013-07-25 11.12.522013-07-26 10.26.252013-07-26 10.51.36

These last three are Fairy Glen, (or Fair-Y-Glen possibly). Wales has a lot of small waterfalls, and most of them require a mildly treacherous walk along the edge of a gorge. It’s worth it though because they are all so beautiful.

Well, we had a wonderful time and I wish we didn’t have to come home – I’ve still got more to show you though!


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